Where I'm Coming From

It's been twenty-five years since I lived in my parents' home (dubbed The Institution by my best friend), and I've since cut ties with my family and created my own life with a new name and new identity. Always a reader, I've amassed quite the collection of books and decided to start writing about them. I realized recently that most of the books that I kept from childhood were all about Not Fitting In. I was shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

In college, I was shown how to dissect literature, with no regard for the soul residing in each story. I later found a teacher who shared my love for the world of books and showed me how to dive into literature with love and respect for the author, the work and our own experience. In today's world, we're taught that criticism is all, that tearing things down will make us bigger, that taking things apart is the only way to learn how they are put together. I disagree. It takes courage to approach a work of art with your heart open wide. I'm using my own stories, analysis, and thoughtful questions to look at these books with respect and empathy - for the characters, authors, and ourselves.

Plus I love writing and reading and writing about things I read. You can contact me at reverentreader@gmail.com if you like. Thanks for reading!

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